<Truth DeQay> (working title Flora-10101) asks the question where do we get our knowledge and information, and how reliable is it?  

<Truth DeQay> is an audio-visual installation that was inspired by the first lock-down’s affect on our relationship with nature and digital media.

I set out to explore the region where our natural and digital world’s collide.

While citizens were re-booting their relationship with nature, during a beautiful spring lockdown, they were simultaneously accessing inexhaustible streams of social media and digital information.

The pandemic highlighted how susceptible we are to social media rabbit-holes and driven by algorithms towards alternative facts, untruths and conspiracy theories.

The 3-d floral wreath at the centre of <Truth DeQay> is itself made from a dense point cloud of 40 million data points, generated by an algorithm. The 3-d wreath came to symbolize how the information we receive is corrupted.

The floral wreath is accompanied by video shot during the chaos of the winter storms, the onset of the pandemic’s devastating second wave and the climax of Trumpism.

The imagery is accompanied with a soundscape composed of natural and ambient sounds, samples from news commentary and AI generated voices. Musicians Phil Reeve and Jai Reeve have built a soundtrack to accompany the collected sounds.

I would like to thanks Arts Council Wales, Ffotogallery (especially David Drake and Liz Hewson) and artist Phil Reeve for their belief and support. <Truth DeQay> will be launched on Ffotogallery in 2021.