The “Motor Mouths” digital installation is a collaboration between Richard Jones, the British Motor Museum and Arts Council England.

The project partners with with UK car manufacturers Bentley, Morgan Motor Company and Vauxhall.

The digital installation created a blend of time-lapse and 2.5-d parallax “talking portraits”.

Car factory workers tell the story of the UK’s changing automotive industry, visualised through their portraiture and time lapse clips from the automotive landscape.

The audio interviews were mixed with factory sounds and music composed by musician Phil Reeve to an audio-scape.

The project has engaged with Kineton High School. The British Motor Museum has held creative workshops. Young people at the at The Factory Young People’s Centre, Longbridge, Birmingham attending workshops, linked to the project and it’s methodology, and will made a significant contribution to the final installation.

Stills from Motor Mouths

Parallax portraits from Motor Mouths: