The Coal Face is a study of the Welsh coal industry seen through the physiognomies of the workforce.

The 3-d photogrammetric portrait installation was commissioned by Ffotogallery part of Diffusion 2019 – “Sound & Vision”.

Exhibited in the Senedd, Welsh Assembly, Cardiff,  and Shift, Cardiff, April 2019

Colliers  sat for the intense studio sessions required to create the full 3-d portraits, accompanied by recordings of their voices and a soundscape of environmental sounds and a composition by BAFTA winning composer John Rea.

The project eventually morped into “Kings of the Underground” with Vision Fountain CIC and various stakeholedrs including Amgueddfa Cymru (Museum of Wales), Heritage Fund, South Wales Miner’s Library & People’s Collection.


Portraits of Welsh miners, part of the Coal Face exhibit, all photographed in 3-d. The installation is accompanied by interviews and sound and a composition by BAFTA winning musician John Rea.
All images ©Richard Jones and not to be used without permission